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$15.39 10400 mAh Portable XiaoMi Battery Review and Discount
05-16-2015, 11:44 AM
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$15.39 10400 mAh Portable XiaoMi Battery Review and Discount
Original Thread:

I received my XiaoMi battery pack about a week ago.

[Image: 1422409814886-P-1767525.jpg]

After using this battery pack for about a week and doing a few tests, I would like to provide a review. If you'd like to skip the review and just find out where to buy it, scroll all the way down the bottom of this post!

The Pros:
-Amazing battery capacity!
This was one of the reasons I recommended buying this item in the first place. The battery capacity is just phenomenal, and will really be handy when I do go camping this summer. I've discharged it a few times with my devices and here's what I found: A full charge will be able to charge my HP Stream 7 Tablet once and my iPhone 6s two times before running out of battery. A full charge also charges my iPhone 5s about 4-5 times before it runs our of battery which is pretty amazing for a battery pack. Grinning You really won't need to worry about your phone running out of battery if you're camping for a week!

-The Size!
Contrary to my original thoughts, the size of the battery pack is quite a bit smaller than I originally imagined it to be. It is about the size of a regular smart phone and is very comfortable to carry around. It fits snugly into my pocket, the side pocket of a laptop bag and I could hold it comfortably in one hand.

-The Amperage!
The 2.1 amp usb port really does charge my device almost twice as fast! On all my non-tablet devices, I could feel that the battery percentage went up a lot quicker than when it was charging with those regular 1 amp usb ports. Also, you can charge tablets, such as the the windows stream 7 tablet, iPads and other tablets. Many other portable battery packs only charge at the regular 1 amp.

-The Price
You will not see a better price than this for a legitimate 10400 mAh battery pack. I'm serious. I found one at costco that had a 10000 mAh capacity but cost $39.99. And costco is the place you expect things to be cheap. If you see anything that is cheaper, it is likely that the capacity is fake.

-Reputable af
XiaoMi is a very trusted brand (and phone maker), and their phone sales surpassed Samsung's phone sales in China. They are the world's 3rd largest phone maker. Samsung is 1st while Apple is 2nd. Lenovo is 4th and LG is 5th. You can expect good quality.

-The Authenticity, Designs, Quality, and the Little Things
This product that I bought from Gearbest is a 100% legitimate and authenticated item. Not only have my battery tests shown that the battery capacity is the real battery capacity, but each box comes with a code that you can authenticate on and it will tell you how many times the code has been checked (so you know that no one else has your code). There is absolute certainty that it will be authentic. I have bought hundreds of dollars worth of items on Gearbest, and all of them were to my satisfaction. The design of the battery pack just makes it feel really exquisite and like one of those things you can't stop holding. It is made with an aluminum alloy (like the iphone 6) and feels like an expensive item. It's one of those things that just feel like it should be way more expensive than it actually is. It also comes nicely packed with a charging cable and instruction manual.

The Cons:
-Scratch and Wear
Although it's not apparent, the surface of the battery pack can be scratched relatively easily. I couldn't find any scratches on it until I looked very carefully, just to write about it. So this isn't a huge problem to worry about.

-Instruction Manual in Chinese
That's right. Although you won't really need the instruction manual, it is a little frustrating to find it in Chinese. But then again, if you requested that an English manual be sent, they probably would do that for you. Otherwise, you won't really need it. You plug your device in to charge, not too much to know.

-Weird Autoturn Off Feature
So, this is probably the only thing that would've been great to know if the instruction manual was in English. The power does turn off automatically when the device is charged to 100%, but then since the power is turned off, it does not continue to charge/keep the device to 100%. I mean, depending on the situation, it can be a positive or negative. It is meant to save electricity and prevent overcharging, but it would also mean that if you charged your phone with this charger overnight, you could wake up to find that your phone is only at 99% because it dropped 1% after the charger stopped charging.

-Long Shipping Time
It really depends on how fast you want the item here. It took about 3 weeks for the item to reach me, which isn't that bad, but if you are one of those people who want the item right now, then you'll either have to pay more to get it shipped faster (they ship from the netherlands I believe or at least mine did).

Here are some of my personal pictures that I took for the review of the item.

[Image: 2015_05_11_15_57_06.jpg]
[Image: 2015_05_11_15_58_48.jpg]

The cheapest site to get this is Gearbest for only $15.39 or even $14.99 (scroll down to find out how) compared to almost $21 on Amazon (

Coupon Code: XMBANK (May or may not provide a further discount)

To get a further discount, make an account on Gearbest (you will receive 10 points). Then go here: and spin the wheel. The minimum that you'll get is another 10 points. Now you have 20 points. Use that 20 points when buying the powerbank. It will provide you with a 40 cent discount lowering the price to $14.99!
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